This route will cover not only spectacular spots with unique history and splendid culture, tasty domestic foods, but also the amazing natural landscape.

Day 1 Tokyo Arrival

You are free to stroll around and have a good rest today.

Day 2 Fukuoka city tour

you will have Fukuoka city tour to know more Japanese history and cultural. You will visit the Fukuoka Castle Ruins which was the largest castle on Kyushu during Edo Period. Leisurely strolling by the moat in the Ohori Park. Then you will be amazed in teamLab Forest Fukuoka which is an art facility that utilizes digital technology. Last, you will visit Foods Stalls (Yatai) for street food experience. There are different kinds of Japanese food including the famous food like Kobe Beef Skewers, Kara Pan, Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki, etc.

Day 3 you will have an excursion to Karatsu

You will visit Hado Cape to enjoy the breeze of sea. If you like, you can go swimming or fishing in the sea. Also, you will find rows of small, turban shell (sazae) grill stalls lined up along the open terrace. At the end of the cape, you will also find an underwater observation tower for viewing the fish in the sea. Then you will stroll in Yobuko Morning Market which is one of the three biggest morning markets in Japan. The market is located by the Yobuko Port which is a fishing port. If you arrive early you can see the local fisherman working with unloading their boats and preparing for the market to start. About 200-meter-long morning market is full of vendors where you can buy variety of fresh seafood, especially its squid. Please try the Yobuko Squid which is a traditional food and one of the specialties here. 

In the afternoon, you will visit Karatsu city. Karatsu Castle is also called the “Dancing Crane Castle” due to how the castle is shaped to resemble a crane stretching out its wing. Last, you will visit Hikiyama Exhibition Hall which lets you get up close and personal with the 14 colourful hikiyama (floats) used in the annual Karatsu Kunchi Matsuri.

Day 4 You will have an excursion in Yufuin

You wouldn’t want to miss Lake Kinrinko which fresh water and hot springs flow into the lake, and the water temperature is high throughout the year, creating a beautiful phenomenon of steam rising from the surface. Then you will have fun in Yufuin Floral Village which is designed to resemble the Cotswolds area of England. The village features classic architecture and incorporates Beatrix Potter’s, The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit throughout the park. This family-friendly environment also contains themed shops sell an assortment of souvenirs such as baked goods, glasswork, and flowers. Then you will stroll Yunotsubo Kaido Shopping Street. There are various shops here, including souvenir stores selling Oita specialty products such as yuzu kosho yuzu chili paste, and eateries offering local gourmet foods, such as tempura fried chicken. At dusk, you will have a wonderful night view of Mt. Tsurumi and Beppu city by riding Beppu Ropeway.

Day 5 you will have a Beppu city tour

Except for visiting Tatsumaki-Jigoku, Kamado Jigoku and Umi Jigoku, three different kinds of hot springs. You will also have lunch at the Steam Cooking Center. Due to the steam and hot spring water reach the surface at boiling temperatures, you can use one of the steam cookers. The staff will cut all foods you choose into pieces and place it into various bamboo baskets. Then they will take you to the cookers. If you have glasses, please take it off before opening the cooker lid. Otherwise you won’t see anything. Hot steam jets out ferociously. Use gloves and the supplied tools to place the baskets with your food into the steam. Then you will wait for the food are ready to eat.

For your relaxation and recovery, I specially arrange 2-night ryokan and onsen experience.

Day 6 You will go to Aso area for natural landscape

Firstly, you will visit Daikanbo which is Aso’s most famous lookout point, offering stunning views of Japan’s largest grassland area and one of the world’s largest calderas. Then you will get a close look at Mt. Aso Nakadake Crater. Last, you will visit Kusasenri which is a vast grassy plain which offers great views of the volcanically active Nakadake Peak. Kusasenri also features a large pond and horses can be seen grazing on the land. If you like, you can have a horseback riding experience here.

Day 7 you will have an excursion to Takachiho Gorge

The nearly sheer cliffs lining the gorge are made of volcanic basalt columns which forms like a dragon twisted and flowed. Partway along the gorge is the 17 meter high Minainotaki waterfall cascading down to the river below. We would highly recommend you rowing a boat down the river to get a close up view of the cliffs and waterfall. Please don’t worry, the water is calm and easy to navigate. Moreover, I specially arrange a fruit picking experience. Takachiho area is famous for agriculture products in Japan, especially seasonal fruits.

Day 8

you will have a Kumamoto city tour. Except for visiting Kumamoto Castle and Suizenji Garden for historical and architectural knowledge, you will stroll along Sakura-no-baba Josaien and have some photos at Kumamon Square. Kumamon will come to Kumamon Square to dance and perform. You get to hug Kumamon after the performance.

Day 9 will have an excursion in Imari and Arita

You wouldn’t want to miss Okawachiyama Village this beautiful, mysterious place which is also called “Village of the Secret Kilns”. Imari porcelain was born in this village about 400 years ago. Then you will head to Arita. You will stroll along Tombai Wall Alleys which is the historical walls made from the waste of discarded fire-resistant bricks (tombai), and Tonzan Shrine (Sueyama Shinto Shrine) is unique in Japan as it has a porcelain archway and other items of porcelain which, at other shrines, are usually made of stone. This shrine was and still is particularly revered by Arita’s ceramists.

Day 10

you will be back to Fukuoka. And take a flight back home.